800.4016 D.P./9–1145: Telegram

The Ambassador in Poland (Lane) to the Secretary of State

238. Yesterday two members of the Polish Ukrainian minority called and informed that Russians are beginning to transfer forcibly remaining Ukrainian population (totaling about 1 million persons) from Poland to Russia.80 They claimed to have been sent by the Bishop of Przemysl, Josephat Kocylowski, who wished them to appeal to Americans and British to intervene with view to protecting the intelligentsia of this minority. Bishop expressed little hope of preventing transfer of peasants to USSE but is anxious to help intelligentsia at least to remain in Poland. Apparently most of latter wish to remain if they cart, as is case of one of emissaries who was member of Second International and had been Ukrainian deputy in former Polish Sejm.

He stated that he would doubtless be liquidated upon arrival in USSR.

Both informants said only hope of minority lies in ability of United States and England to cause USSR to desist from this forcible transfer of population against will of those involved.

To Dept as No. 238 and to London as No. 25 from Lane.

  1. An agreement, with protocol between the Soviet Union and the Polish Provisional Government of National Unity concerning the right to relinquish Soviet citizenship on the part of persons of Polish and Jewish nationality [sic] living in the Soviet Union and their removal into Poland, and the right to relinquish Polish citizenship on the part of persons of Russian, Ukrainian, White Russian, Ruthenian, and Lithuanian nationality living in Polish territory and their removal into the Soviet Union, was signed in Moscow on July 6, 1945. For text of the agreement, see Izvestia, July 7, 1945. For a description of the agreement, see Department of State Bulletin, September 1, 1946, p. 395. In telegram 2686, July 27, from Moscow, it was reported that a joint Soviet-Polish Commission for Evacuation had been formed in accordance with the July 6 agreement (760C.61/7–2745). On October 30, 1945, the Vice Wojewod of Krakow informed an officer of the American Embassy that 3000 repatriates were being received from the Soviet Union daily and that some 400,000 had been received over a 4-month period (Polish Embassy Files: 800).

    Agreements on evacuation of populations had been concluded on September 9, 1944, in Lublin between the Polish Committee of National Liberation on the one hand and the Ukrainian and White Russian Soviet Socialist Republics on the other hand, and on September 22, 1944, between the Polish Committee of National Liberation and the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic. For details regarding the September 9, 1944, agreement, see telegram 3484, September 14, 1944, Foreign Relations, 1944, vol. iii, p. 1432.