856.48/4–345: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

3397. Germans have agreed to Swedish ship Gotland leaving Baltic for United Kingdom port there to load supplies for relief distribution [Page 17] in occupied Netherlands. Although Admiralty has not yet fixed route and port either for voyage to United Kingdom or thence to the Netherlands, British, with Embassy’s concurrence, are indicating to Swedes that we wish ship to leave Baltic as soon as departure can be arranged. Amount of food for occupied Holland which Ministry of Food can make available is limited, but it could probably provide food and medicines for at least one and perhaps two or three trips of Gotland. Gotland is understood to carry 3,500 tons. Thus far Embassy has agreed only to Gotland’s proceeding to United Kingdom but unless Department and FEA11 see objection Embassy will also agree to despatch of foodstuffs and medicines from United Kingdom to occupied Holland, provided amounts are reasonable and reports on distribution continue satisfactory.

Sent Department as 3397 repeated Stockholm as 290.

  1. Foreign Economic Administration.