740.0011 E.W./1–2345: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

198. Some days ago Ministry of Foreign Affairs telegraphed Quaroni17 referring to permission granted French Delegate18 to go to Lublin to discuss with local Polish authorities the repatriation of Frenchmen who had crossed German lines and instructing him to approach Soviet authorities unofficially to inquire if an Italian officer might be authorized to proceed to Lublin for analogous task as it was known that several thousand Italians had also crossed lines and were not [now?] in Polish territory.

British Embassy informs me today that it has received a telegram from the Foreign Office in London stating that it had been learned “by most secret means” that Quaroni is replying that nothing could be accomplished unless diplomatic status were granted the Italian delegate and suggesting that he be informed if this were possible. Foreign Office telegram added that this proposal was not viewed with favor in London and that British Embassy in Washington was being instructed to discuss the matter with the Department.

It appears that Quaroni’s reply has not yet reached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but British representative has been instructed that upon receipt of the message by the Ministry, he should inform the Italian Government that the matter is being discussed by the British and the American Governments and should request that no action be taken thereon for the moment.

  1. Pietro Quaroni, Italian Ambassador in the Soviet Union.
  2. Christian Fouchet, Chief of the Delegation of the French Provisional Government to Lublin.