740.00119 Control (Austria)/5–1345: Telegram

The British Prime Minister (Churchill) to President Truman 75


In your message to me number 34 of May 12th76 about Venezia Giulia you mention Tito’s claims in south Austria (Styria and Carinthia).
As these two provinces are in the proposed British zone of occupation, the British Ambassador in Belgrade was instructed on May 10th formally to request Tito on behalf of His Majesty’s Government that all Yugoslav forces at present in Austria should immediately be withdrawn. I am asking Halifax77 to show you the text of this instruction. It would be a great help if you could now instruct Mr. Patterson to inform Tito that the communication made by the British Ambassador on the subject of Carinthia has the approval and support of the United States Government.

  1. This message was sent via the U.S. Military Attaché in London.
  2. Vol. iv, p. 1156, footnote 41.
  3. Lord Halifax, British Ambassador in the United States.