863.014/4–3045: Telegram

Mr. Alexander G. Kirk, Political Adviser, Allied Force Headquarters, to the Secretary of State

1828. British Embassy Belgrade recently requested British liaison officer with Fourth Yugo Army to report on Slovene claims to Austrian territory.

BLO63 has replied that no exact claims have been made but only following general statements:

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All territory containing Slovene minority should be included in Slovenia. All Stajersko and Korosko64 are rightly Slovene. Northern boundaries of these areas are vague but certainly include Vijlach65 and Klagenfurt and all territory south of Sava, east to Dravograd66 and possibly Volkermarkt east of Dravograd; probably all territory north of Drava will be claimed including Leibnitz. Tarvisio in Italy will certainly be claimed.

Following Partisan troops are north of River Sava: Fourteenth Division consisting of 5 brigades each about 1000 strong.

  1. British Liaison Officer.
  2. Styria and Carinthia.
  3. Villach.
  4. Drauburg.