840.414/6–845: Circular telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to Diplomatic Representatives in All the American Republics Except Brazil

Concerning treatment former German diplomatic and consular archives, premises and other property following for your information [Page 1147] and transmission at your discretion to Govt to which, you are accredited is synopsis of practice pursued by Dept regarding such property in US.

Protocol for delivery of property in US was prepared by Swiss here and signed by Swiss Minister38 and Assistant Secretary Holmes. Statement was included in protocol at request of Swiss that transfer was being made only as Germany had surrendered unconditionally and as US Govt is trustee of govts which will exercise control in Germany.

Dept’s program regarding this property anticipates that informational materials contained therein shall be made available to those agencies of the US Govt legitimately interested and as pool of information to members of United Nations according reciprocity. Dept is centralizing and organizing these materials which were placed under supervision of appropriate departmental divisions. A supervising archivist and clerical staff is being employed to render materials most usable for purpose outlined.

Viewing its obligations as trustee seriously Dept has made it a matter of firm policy that these materials should not be removed from the former German premises upon which they are concentrated until their disposition is determined by the Allied Central Control Commission in Germany.

  1. Charles Bruggmann.