840.414/11–1545: Telegram

The United States Political Adviser for Germany ( Murphy ) to the Secretary of State

1012. Since my return to Berlin, I have reviewed the German Foreign Office document situation and again urgently recommend that the documents be moved from Marburg to Ministerial Collecting Center and held for exploitation in accordance with Dept’s standing instructions. When I left Washington, Dept was discussing this subject with the British. In case final decision has been reached in the Dept, I urge that Dept endeavor to have War Dept issue directive to General Clay at once to the effect that these documents be continued on the British-American basis of exploitation and that the move to Ministerial Collecting Center be authorized immediately.

As previously stressed, this move to Ministerial Collecting Center has the advantages of better security and administration, greater economy in handling documents and facilities for microfilming documents on the part of the US. At the present time, at Marburg all microfilming is in the hands of the British. I should like to remind Dept that the number of personnel now allotted for exploitation of these documents is insufficient. With reference to Deptel No. 831, November 8,5 it is urgently requested that the additional personnel arrive as soon as possible.

[Page 1129]

Dept’s definitive instructions are urgently requested for transfer of all German Foreign Office documents to Ministerial Collecting Center at once, where they will continue to be safeguarded and exploited in accordance with Dept’s standing instructions.

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