740.00119 Control (Germany)/9–2645: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser for Germany ( Murphy )

569. Urtel 628, Sept. 26.38 Dept is under constant pressure from neutral countries, in particular Switzerland and Sweden, regarding matter of their representation at Control Council. We understand difficulties of accommodating additional persons under present circumstances in Berlin. Nevertheless we suggest for following reasons that further consideration be given to receiving representation from [Page 1097] certain neutral countries and from United Nations other than those sixteen to be represented by military missions:

It is to be anticipated that many of the smaller of the United Nations, in particular those in Central and South America, will not hasten to send representatives to Germany at present even if given the opportunity.
Staffs of representation could be limited to two or three persons of all ranks, thus keeping very small the total number of persons involved.
Responsibility for obtaining accommodations and necessary supplies might so far as possible be placed primarily on the foreign representatives themselves. In this regard Dept has already been advised that Swiss and possibly Swedish Governments would be glad to make all physical arrangements for their representatives in Berlin, would utilize their own properties and would transport to Berlin at their own expense all supplies required by their representatives and their staffs. After such offers, it is very difficult for Dept to justify refusals to admit Swedish and Swiss representatives on grounds of restricted housing and supply conditions, and will become more difficult if accommodations and other facilities are provided United States business men desiring to visit Germany in accordance with recommendations reported in urtel 609, Sept. 25.39

Procedure outlined for communicating with countries not represented at Control Council through diplomatic channels of power presiding at the time is acceptable. Dept assumes that it would be kept fully informed of all such communications between Control Council and foreign governments and receive copies of texts thereof.

Dept perceives no objection to Allied Secretariat serving as channel of communication between Control Council and military missions.

  1. Not printed; it reported that it did not appear physically possible to receive for some months further missions other than the first 16 United Nations missions expected in the near future; it also reported that it was planned, on a temporary basis, to communicate with countries not having missions accredited to Berlin through the diplomatic channels of the power which happens to be presiding at the Allied Control Council when any particular matter is raised (740.00119 Control (Germany)/9–2645).
  2. Not printed.