740.00119 Control (Germany)/9–1845: Telegram

The United States Political Adviser for Germany ( Murphy ) to the Secretary of State

562. Refer my 547 of September 17, 10 p.m.35 Coordinating Committee at its eighth meeting considered question of relations between Allied Control Authority and foreign countries. It was suggested by General Robertson36 that the Political Directorate could deal directly with UNRRA37 and with the expected missions from certain allied countries when they arrive in Berlin. General Robertson stated that his Government would not favor direct dealing between the Political Directorate and the governments of countries which do not have missions accredited the authority. The question is presented [Page 1096] as to (a) whether the Allied Control Authority should deal directly with governments who have no missions accredited to it, (b) if so, through what means should this be done and (c) does the Department believe that the Political Directorate should be the means for dealing with those missions which are accredited. The foregoing has been referred to the Political Directorate and the Department’s instructions are urgently requested.

  1. Not printed; it reported on the eighth meeting of the Coordinating Committee held on September 17 (740.00119 Control (Germany)/9–1745). On August 10 the Allied Control Council had established the Coordinating Committee, composed of the U.S., British, Soviet, and French deputy military governors, to exercise broad delegated powers from the Control Council.
  2. Lt. Gen. Sir Brian Robertson, British Deputy Military Governor.
  3. United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. For documentation regarding participation by the United States in UNRRA for the year 1945, see vol. ii, pp. 958 ff.