740.00119 EAC/6–1445: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

4912. Urtel 6034, June 14. Dept concurs in six points of your position re Belgian inquiry and Brit memo. Dept deems particularly important that agreement be reached in EAC as soon as possible on joint Four-Power invitation to chiefly interested United Nations requesting appointment of military missions to Control Council.

For further guidance in EAC discussion of Brit memo, we make following suggestions: [Page 1089]

List of chiefly interested United Nations (par. 2 Brit memo) is acceptable. Invitation is to be sent Poland, however, only when there is a single Polish government recognized by Four Powers.15
Determination of mode of access to Control Council and of other procedural arrangements connected with work of military missions should be left to Control Council.
Determination of scope of functions of agencies (par. 3, 4 Brit memo) as well as of procedural arrangements connected with their work should be left to Control Council.
It should, however, be agreed that an agency of one country may be permitted to look after the interests of other countries upon their request. In this way agency of one South American country might look after interests of several small states which may not wish to establish agencies for themselves. Otherwise undue burden may fall upon US officials.
Chile given as illustration of neutral state (par. 4 Brit memo) became member of United Nations on Feb. 14, 1945.

Draft comments on Brit memo along above lines are being prepared for formal clearance by IPCOG.16 In event cleared statement does not reach you prior to EAC discussion of Belgian inquiry and Brit memo, you may find of assistance above expression of Dept views.

  1. For documentation regarding the negotiations between the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union relative to the establishment of a Polish Provisional Government of National Unity, see vol. v, pp. 110 ff.
  2. Informal Policy Committee on Germany.