862.01/11–545: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the Secretary of State

3764. Izvestiya November 4 published inconspicuous item announcing dissolution of “Free Germany Committee” and “League of German Officers”. Announcement read as follows:

On November 2, 1945 near Moscow, session was held of National “Free Germany” Committee, together with “Union of German Officers” forming part of its membership. At this session following reports by President of National “Free Germany” Committee, Erich Weinert, and President of “Union of German Officers,” Von Zeidlitz, following decision was unanimously taken:

“National Free Germany Committee, and Union of German Officers adhering to it, having set as their goal unification of German anti-Fascists with USSR for struggle against Hitlerite regime and for Democratic Germany, consider that under conditions of complete defeat of Hitlerite State and development in Germany of activity of Democratic bloc of anti-Fascist parties, further existence of National “Free Germany” Committee and “Union of German Officers” is superfluous and resolve to dissolve National Free Germany Committee and Union of German Officers and to terminate publication of newspaper Free Germany.

Sent Dept 3764, repeated USPolAd Berlin 116.