862.01/4–1745: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Caffery ) to the Secretary of State

1926. From Heath for Matthews. Only action ever taken by SHAEF18 on OALPO request19 was curt formal acknowledgement several weeks ago following informal discussion between Beam20 and British Political Adviser Steel. (ReDeptel 2578 to London, April 3, 7 p.m.21) No further action expected to be necessary as CALPO has never raised question again.

G–222 SHAEF mission (Paris) believes it best not to approach French formally on this question at present in view of general political implications and relations between SHAEF and French authorities and furthermore suggests that such a request by SHAEF is hardly necessary in view of decidedly critical attitude recently adopted by [Page 1035] French toward Free Germany Movement as whole and CALPO in particular. As indicated in Morris’23 latest reports (as his memorandum No. 13, dated March 3124) CALPO’s activities have been greatly restricted by French in recent weeks. G–2 will, however, use any available future opportunity to suggest informally to French its approval of their present attitude.

I believe above considerations justify no further action at present with regard to SHAEF and French, though we shall continue to watch this situation with care. [Heath.]

  1. Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force.
  2. Comité Allemagne Libre pour I’Ouest, the organization in France and the Low Countries affiliated with Freies Deutschland. In telegram 2206, March 3, from London, Mr. Murphy had reported that CALPO had formally applied to SHAEF for permission to operate under its jurisdiction. CALPO wanted the right to visit and to operate in all sectors of the front, in all prisoner of war camps, and all German areas already conquered. It also hoped to use Allied radio facilities. (862.01/3–345)
  3. Jacob Beam, Foreign Service Officer on the staff of the U.S. Political Adviser for Germany.
  4. Not printed; it instructed that the CALPO request should be denied, and expressed the Department’s hope that SHAEF would request the French Government to deny CALPO access to German prisoner of war camps in its jurisdiction (862.01/3–345).
  5. Intelligence Division.
  6. Brewster H. Morris, Secretary of Mission on the staff of the U.S. Political Adviser for Germany.
  7. Not found in Department files.