740.00119 Control (Germany)/8–1845

Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (Dunn)

The Secretary informed me this morning that on July 16th at Potsdam the President approved of the termination of the Informal Policy Committee on Germany, and the substitution therefor, in order to provide for expeditious dealing with questions which come up in connection with the carrying out of the duties of the control council, of a committee composed of representatives of the State Department and the War Department, with the secretary of this new group to be appointed by the State Department and to be responsible for seeing that matters connected with Germany are dealt with promptly and efficiently. The Treasury Department, the Navy Department, and the Foreign Economic Administration should be notified of the termination of the Informal Policy Committee on Germany.77

James Clement Dunn
  1. Marginal handwritten note by Assistant Secretary Dunn opposite the final sentence of the memorandum reads as follows: “This should be done informally. J C D”.