The British Prime Minister ( Churchill ) to President Roosevelt 98

940. Your No. 73499 about Crosswords.1 I send you a private message I have received from Stalin covering the official telegram which he has sent to you with copy to me.2 I have a feeling that this is about the best we are going to get out of them, and certainly it is as near as they can get to an apology.

However, before considering any answer at all from His Majesty’s Government, please tell me how you think the matter should be handled so that we may keep in line together.

  1. Copy of telegram obtained from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, N.Y. A marginal notation indicated that this telegram was received in the White House Map Room at 12:03 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time, April 11.
  2. Not printed, but see footnote 86, p. 746.
  3. “Sunrise-Crossword” was the code name for the meetings taking place in Bern.
  4. Infra.