740.00119 EW/4–545: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to Mr. Myron C. Taylor, Personal Representative of President Roosevelt to Pope Pius XII

36. From the President for Ambassador Taylor only.

“While fully appreciating the high purpose which motivated the suggestion in your no. 73 of April 5,90 I must disapprove any idea of your going to Paris for purpose indicated. In present circumstances I feel that you should refuse absolutely to accept or listen to any approaches. The danger of misinterpretation by the enemy of our position on unconditional surrender is too great, and I must, therefore, request you to abstain from any further discussions on this subject with the Vatican. With best personal regards.”

  1. Not printed. In this telegram to President Roosevelt, Mr. Taylor inquired whether: “preparatory to possible approach of peace through His Holiness would it not be wise procedure in case actual proposal is made for me to secretly and at once to visit Eisenhower in person at Paris headquarters.” (740.00119–EW/4–545)