740.00119 Control (Austria)/9–345

The Department of State to the British Embassy


The Department of State herewith transmits its views on the various questions involving Austria raised in the British Embassy’s aide-mémoire of September 3, 1945, Ref. 1904/—/45.95

1. The Department of State is hopeful that the discussions of the detailed proposals for long-range supply arrangements in Austria proposed by the British Government at the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers will result in an agreement satisfactory to the occupying powers. The Department of State recommended the withdrawal of the memorandum of the United Kingdom members of the Combined Civil Affairs Committee (C.C.A.C. 205) from the Committee and the transfer of the discussion to the Allied Council in Vienna on the grounds that agreement had been reached by the four Commanders-in-Chief on an interim program for the feeding of the City of Vienna. The Department of State believes that the actual details of a supply program can be discussed more effectively by the Allied Council in Vienna if an agreement is reached on basic principles by the Council of Foreign Ministers.

[Here follows a close paraphrase of telegram Secdel 13, September 8, to London, printed on page 582.]

  1. Not printed.