740.00119 Control (Austria)/8–2745: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

7339. Dept. 7254, August 24 repeated to AusPolAd Salzburg as 83 and Moscow as 1909. In response to urgent representation by Brit Embassy concerning US policy towards establishment Allied Council, Vienna, Dept today communicated following to Brit Embassy:

Dept supports General Clark’s position that desperate plight of Vienna population makes establishment of Allied Council urgently necessary, US hopes that commanders in chief will meet as soon as possible as Allied Council to carry out interim program agreed by commanders to begin September 1 and to assume responsibilities for liberation of Austria consistent with 4 power agreements. (Dept 7293, August 25 to London repeated to Moscow as 1915.)

Dept believes that interim program agreed by commanders will solve immediate problem of food in Vienna without committing US to long-range policy of supporting Soviet proposal for feeding Vienna zones. General Clark has been instructed not to commit US to any rigid position. Dept does not believe that establishment of Allied Council will prejudice final solution of long-range problem or will involve responsibility for US zone in Vienna to an extent greater than actually established by interim program.

Dept approves discussion of long-range plan, involving charges for Austrian imports, 4 power financing and utilization of resources of Danubian basin in Council of Foreign Ministers in September,56 but does not believe establishment of Allied Council should be postponed pending such discussion.

Dept believes that nothing can be gained by refusing to establish Allied Council and that deterioration of food situation in Vienna would place US and UK in extremely vulnerable position. While instructions to General Clark provide wide discretion concerning entry of US garrison troops and completion of Vienna occupation, Dept considers [Page 579] that acceptance of interim arrangements implies responsibilities for zones as opposed to Brit position that no responsibility should be assumed until full equality achieved with Soviets. Brit Embassy will bring this to attention of Foreign Office. You are requested to urge Brit to instruct General McCreery to attend meeting of Allied Council on same basis as that outlined in instructions to General Clark and to assume agreed responsibilities for occupation of Austria with assurance of US support for discussion of larger aspects of Central European problems of requirements and supply.

Sent to London as 7339; repeated to Moscow as 1917 and AusPolAd Salzburg as 84.

  1. For documentation regarding the First Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers at London, September 11–October 2, 1945, see vol. ii, pp. 99 ff.