European Advisory Commission Files: Lot 52 M 64

Memorandum by the United States Chiefs of Staff to the Combined Chiefs of Staff

C.C.S. 786

Freedom of Transit Across Zones of Occupation

The enclosed memorandum by the United States Chiefs of Staff is presented for consideration by the Combined Chiefs of Staff. A copy has been presented to the Red General Staff through the U. S. Military Mission to the U.S.S.R.
The United States Chiefs of Staff wish to make it clear that the memorandum does not affect or refer to the present transit arrangement between Bremen-Bremerhaven and the Southwestern area.
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Memorandum by the United States Chiefs of Staff to the British Chiefs of Staff and the Soviet General Staff

United States forces in zones of tripartite occupation will require regular access by air, road and rail to the main United States zones of occupation. In addition, all United States forces of occupation will require access to other parts of Europe across British and Soviet zones of occupation. It appears that similar access will be required by Soviet and British forces.

The United States Chiefs of Staff propose that the general principle of freedom of transit across zones of occupation and zones of tripartite occupation, be accepted. Details of transit shall be worked out between the local commanders.

The foregoing is proposed as an interim military measure pending general agreements as to transit which may be expected from the European Advisory Commission.

Your agreement to the foregoing is requested.81

  1. British concurrence in these views were set forth in a memorandum by the Representatives of the British Chiefs of Staff, C.C.S. 786/1, March 9, 1945. No answer appears to have been received from the Soviet authorities