The United States Political Adviser for Germany ( Murphy ) to the Secretary of State

530. The American representative on Coal Subcommittee advises that the Russian representative indicated informally at the meeting on 10th of September (although minutes thereof make no reference to the matter) that he would put forward in the near future a Soviet request for allocation of hard coal for month of November. He indicated total November requirements for hard coal Soviet Zone November would amount to 550,000 tons. Current production in the Soviet [Zone] is about 100,000 tons.

The Soviet representative pointed out that the bulk of hard coal production in Eastern Germany (Silesia) is now in Polish territory [Page 1529] and not currently available to meet the Soviet Zone requirements. Our information is that hard coal production in the Soviet Zone has recovered to a level not much out of line with production in Western Zones. This is the first indication of Soviet intention to request allocation of a major commodity from current production in Western Zones and may therefore set a pattern for similar requests for other commodities.

Sent to Dept as 530, repeated to London as 76.