The British Foreign Secretary (Eden) to the Soviet Foreign Commissar (Molotov)1

Owing to lack of time there are a few questions on which we were not able to conclude our discussions during the Crimea Conference. These were

the Austro-Yugoslav frontier,
the Italo-Yugoslav frontier (Venezia Giulia)
You kindly undertook to study the suggestions on these questions contained in the papers2 which I circulated at the Foreign Secretaries meeting on February 10. With regard to (a) you will remember that the United States Delegation experienced certain doubts regarding the phraseology of our proposal. I therefore attach a redraft3 of my note which I would ask you to substitute for the one in your possession.
At our meeting on February 10 I mentioned our attitude towards a pact between Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, and suggested that an indication of our views might be conveyed to the Bulgarian and Yugoslav Governments.4 You said that you would consider my suggestion.
I also circulated at our meeting on February 10 papers on the subject of
Greek claims upon Bulgaria, more particularly in regard to reparations;5
the Allied (Soviet) Control Commission in Bulgaria;6
Oil equipment in Roumania.7
I should be grateful if you would consider the points raised in the foregoing three papers.
May I also ask you to give favourable consideration to the proposals regarding
Relief Supplies for Europe, contained in a paper which I enclosed in a separate letter today,8 and
the despatch of personnel to the Soviet component of the Control Commission for Germany in London, in regard to which I attach a memorandum.8

Monsieur V. M. Molotov.

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