740.0011 EW/1–2745: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State (Grew) to the Secretary of State

top secret

Telegram to the Secretary of State from the Acting Secretary In response to the second request in yours of the fourth,2 the Associated Nations question stands as follows:

Ecuador has declared the existence of a state of war with Japan since December 7, 1941.
Paraguay—We are expecting action momentarily. This is message No. eighteen. Allstate. Horseshoe.
Peru indicates that action may be taken soon by the Executive.
Venezuela—No change since our message No. thirteen.3 Ambassador Escalante is on his way to Venezuela to press this matter.
Uruguay—The Government is looking for a justification for acting.
Chile—No change since you left.
It looks as though favorable action may be expected by all except Chile within a reasonably short time.

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On February 14 we are planning a ceremony when Ecuador and any other nations which have qualified will affix their signatures to the United Nations Declaration. We are advising our Embassies in the other five countries of this ceremony with the thought that several may wish to hasten their action so that they may participate as signers on that day.

In answer to your third inquiry, following is summary Department’s reaction to Malinin article on Regional Arrangements. First, this section of Dumbarton proposals needs further elaboration and definition. Second, regional blocs or spheres of influence potentially or actually directed against other groupings of states are not favored. Third, security zones as proposed by Malinin would require close scrutiny to see if consistent with purposes of the organization. Fourth, such zones should in no case interfere with independence of states within the zones and should have primary purpose of maintaining security within region subject to provisions Chapter Eight Section C. Fifth, seriously question Malinin’s proposed method for establishing security zones by demarkation of frontiers and areas through agreement between chief powers of particular Continent. Believe all states concerned should agree not only leading ones and Security Council should be kept fully informed regarding security aspects. Sixth, no regional security arrangement or understanding should be permitted undertake enforcement action without authorization Security Council and latter should have power take cognizance of any situation within any region. Seventh, believe Malinin suggestion to divide General Assembly into four regional sections unwise and premature as need is for strong overall organization rather than for decentralized structure which would probably decrease general security.

  1. The text of this message in the Defense Files bears the date February 6, which is the date under which it was transmitted.
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