Defense Files: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Acting Secretary of State (Grew)


Argonaut 12. Crypto-War for Acting Secretary of State only from Secretary Stettinius. Reference your message No. 11 of February 3.1 We would like summary of the Mikolajczyk memorandum shown to Bohlen.

Please continue to keep us promptly informed of developments with respect to the associated nations. What is your estimate of the present status and time at which future action may be taken by each of the five Latin American countries other than Ecuador?

Reference your message No. 9 of February 1.2 Please forward to us here at least a summary of Department’s cable from [to] Moscow referred to in paragraph 4. Allstate Horseshoe.

  1. Ante, pp. 949950.
  2. Not printed. The paragraph in question reads as follows (Defense Files, CM–in–130):

    “4. Hiss is familiar with our cable to Moscow commenting on the Malinin article in War and Working Classes referring to regional security arrangements. This missed Harriman and our Moscow Embassy suggests that Hiss explain the matter to him.”