740.0011 EW/1–2745: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State (Grew) to the Secretary of State

top secret

1. General information. In view of our lukewarm attitude on the proposed tripartite statement recognizing the Danes as Allies, and probable Soviet refusal to participate in it, the British may refer the matter to the Big Three for decision. Meanwhile we are sending through our own channels, with copies to London and Moscow for the information of the British and Soviet Governments, a secret message to the Freedom Council and the Danish political party leaders, acknowledging their communication and lauding the contributions being made by the Danish resistance movement in the common cause. (This is eleventh message.)2 . . . Kennan reports that the British Chargé under instructions has expressed the hope to Molotov that arrangements worked out for the Hungarian Control Commission would apply in Bulgaria as well. Molotov’s reaction was highly negative and he maintained that the matters had no connection. Allstate. Horseshoe. Subasic and his government do not intend leaving London until February 7. . . . It is understood that the Mikolajczyk memorandum shown to Bohlen did not reach Rome in time. Would you like a summary sent along to you?3

In reply to Ambassador Hurley’s telegrams to you4 I said that his fuller report on the efforts he has made to bring about unification of Chinese military forces through agreement between Communists and the Kuomintang was welcomed; that for a long time we have recognized the importance of such unification in the prosecution of the war; that it was gratifying to know that both sides apparently desired to avail themselves of his good offices; and that in such cordial atmosphere we felt he could continue to be helpful in this matter. I [Page 950]added that in the light of present circumstances I agreed with him that if any aid is to be given to the Communists by us this should be done only through the National Government.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  1. The text of this message in the Defense Files bears the date February 3, which is the date under which it was transmitted.
  2. i. e., from the Acting Secretary to the Secretary since the departure of the latter from Washington, in this series of messages sent via Army channels.
  3. For the summary in question, see post, pp. 953954.
  4. See ante, p. 346, footnote 1.