Hiss Collection

United States Delegation Draft Memorandum Regarding Invitation to Saudi Arabia to Attend the United Nations Conference1


R’s2 refused to agree

Mr. Early: Please inform the President on behalf of Mr. Stettinius that at today’s final meeting of the Foreign Ministers held shortly after the President left, Mr. Eden proposed and Mr. Molotov and Mr. Stettinius3 agreed that Saudi Arabia be added to the eight associated nations and Turkey as entitled to be invited to the United Nations Conference on April 25 at San Francisco if they declare war by March 1.

We consider this as a desirable move and suggest that the President should inform Ibn Saud of this when the two meet in the next few days.

In any event Colonel Eddy, our Minister who will accompany Ibn Saud to the Quincy, should be informed of this and should inform Ibn.

Will you please give the above information also to Admiral Leahy & to Admiral Brown

  1. Handwritten in pencil; authorship not indicated. Text is crossed out, apparently in view of the notation at the top. Saudi Arabia, however, did adhere to the Declaration by United Nations on March 1, 1945, and was represented at the San Francisco Conference.
  2. Russians.
  3. The handwriting to this point is that of Hiss; the handwriting of the remainder has not been identified.