Matthews Files

Matthews Notes1

Eden: Done work—put together a piece of work.

Mol: Objects new text—Wants old

Eden: Cable War Cab tonight objecting his text 3 days ago. and extent of departure from other text. Says frankly, if can’t get something like this text no chance of Brit Govt approving

Mol: Cant talk from a new text

Eden: Has had text 2½ days

Mol: Until now hasnt had text & can’t judge it.

Eden: 1st par. exactly what P. M. read out this p. m.

Mol: Differs from text this a. m. & big conference. Objects “represent” pol govt. Whether de G.2 is rep. govt is a? Mr. Churchill said his amend, not very import on first sen.

Eden: Proposes amend, in 1st 2 sen. This in accord with P. M.s suggest.

Mol: Thinks “represent govt requires much explan. De G. Amend in Connection with prev. Govt now

Eden: Must be frank. Wants transfer recog. to new govt—not reorgan. Lublin govt.

Mol: One further step

Last ¶ must be discussed

  1. For citations to pertinent documents, see the preceding Bohlen minutes of this meeting.
  2. Presumably De Gaulle.