Hiss Collection

United States Delegation Memorandum on the Foreign Ministers’ Report to the Fifth Plenary Meeting1

The report by the Foreign Secretaries was accepted, subject to paragraph 2 (b) being amended to read as follows—“The United Nations as they exist on the 8th February, 1945, and such of the Associated Nations* as have declared war on the common enemy by [Page 792] 1st March, 1945, would be the only States invited to the conference on World Organization. At that stage the delegates of the United Kingdom and United States of America will support the proposal to admit to original membership two Soviet Socialist Republics, i. e. the Ukraine and White Russia.”

  1. This is a ribbon copy, undated and uncaptioned. Authorship not indicated. On August 13, 1954, Matthews wrote that he thought the memorandum had been drafted by Hiss (640.0029/8–1354).
  2. The term “Associated Nation” in this connection means the eight Associated Nations and Turkey which shall be regarded as an Associated Nation for the purpose. [Footnote in the original.]