Matthews Files

Matthews Notes1

1. Communiqué2—S.3 thinks wise to issue one

Mol. Preliminary One suggestion: add “common” enemy. Likes communiqué. No objection to mention Black Sea area. Must be approved by Stalin

2. S. announces 3 questions before the 3 F. M. On first point.

Adding “dismemberment” to Art 124 & refer to EAC.

[Page 658]

Mol. Accepts addition of word.

Eden . Another formula “and measures for the dissolution of the German unitary state” Would cover abolition of centralization of Germ. govt.

Mol: Will exercise sup.5 power . . .6 take measures for dismemberment of G. For peace & security of Europe necessary to dismember G.

Agreed to add: “And the dismemberment” after demilitarization.

No agreement on Russian change.

  1. Transcribed for this volume from longhand notes in pencil.
  2. For citations to pertinent documents, see the preceding Page minutes of this meeting.
  3. Stettinius. (Throughout the Matthews notes the editors have added footnote explanations of the more unusual contractions and abbreviations.)
  4. Of the draft instrument entitled “Unconditional Surrender of Germany”.
  5. supreme.
  6. Points appear in the original.