J. C. S. Files

Memorandum by the British Chiefs of Staff
top secret

C. C. S. 775

Basic Undertakings in Support of Over-All Strategic Concept

The British Chiefs of Staff recommend that the basic undertakings agreed upon at Octagon and set out in C. C. S. 680/2,1 paragraph 6, be reaffirmed, subject to the following amendment.

For existing h. substitute the following:—

h. Continue assistance to the forces of the liberated areas in Europe to enable them to fulfill an active role in the war against Germany and/or Japan. Within the limits of our available resources to assist other co-belligerents to the extent they are able to employ this assistance against the Enemy Powers in the present war. Within the limits of our available resources to provide such supplies to the liberated areas as will effectively contribute to the war-making capacity of the United Nations.”

  1. This paper came from the Quebec Conference of 1944. The text as amended and reaffirmed appears in the report by the Combined Chiefs of Staff to the President and the Prime Minister at Yalta, post, p. 828.