J. C. S. Files

Memorandum by the British Chiefs of Staff1
top secret

Proposed Programme of Work

Tuesday, 30th January

1. A. War Against Germany

1. C. Co-ordination of Operations
Bomblines, etc.

[Page 478]

1. E. Combined Bomber Offensive

1. F. Planning Date for End of German War

Wednesday, 31st January

1. B. Strategy in Mediterranean

2. War Against Japan

South-East Asia
Allocation of Resources Between S. E. A. C. and China

Thursday, 1st February

2. C. Pacific Operations

2. D. Planning Date for End of Japanese War

1. D. U-Boat Threat

Friday, 2nd February

3. Review of Cargo Shipping

  • Additional Item.
  • Oil Stocks

4. Basic undertakings

Castille,2 30.1.45.

  1. Annexed to the Combined Chiefs of Staff minutes of the 182d Meeting.
  2. The Auberge de Castile, in Valletta, built in 1574 and altered in 1744, one of the national palaces of the Order of Malta.