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Memorandum by the Representatives of the British Chiefs of Staff

top secret

C. C. S. 765/4

Subjects for Consideration at the Next U. S.- British-U. S. S. R. Staff Conference

1. The British Chiefs of Staff agree with the subjects proposed by the United States Chiefs of Staff for discussion at the next U. S.-British-U. S. S. R. staff conference, as set out in C. C. S. 765/1.

2. With reference to Item a. (4) in paragraph 1 of C. C. S. 765/1, the British Chiefs of Staff point out that the French are now represented on the European Advisory Commission and have already expressed their views on French participation in control of Germany and Austria. Thus it would seem to the British Chiefs of Staff that any conclusions reached at the conference on the military aspects of the Zones of Occupation in these countries, should either take into account French aspirations or else be subject to discussion with the French after the conference.