Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the President 1

top secret

Personal and Top Secret for the President from Harriman.

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4. As to the Far East I am a little concerned that the Prime Minister’s talks with Stalin may minimize the importance of the conferences that have been agreed to between General Deane and the Red Army Staff. We now have a full agreement from Stalin not only to participate in the Pacific war but to enter the war with full effort. The important thing now therefore is to ascertain what are the Russians’ capabilities in the East. In this the limiting factors are of course the [Page 363]logistics about which we know so little. General talks are no longer needed and full discussions by General Deane are therefore the next essential step. The Prime Minister’s talks therefore with Stalin should emphasize the importance of the detailed Staff discussions. I will try to see that the Prime Minister’s conversations take this line. I have already General Ismay’s agreement.

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It would be helpful to have your reaction to any of the above for my guidance.

  1. Sent by the United States Naval Attaché, Moscow, via Navy channels.