Roosevelt Papers

The President’s Chief of Staff (Leahy) to the President

For the President from Admiral Leahy.

The following quoted reply to Stalin approved by State Department is forwarded for your consideration.

I think it should be quoted to Prime for his information. We are now preparing a draft reply1 to Primed 846.2

“Personal and Secret from the President to Marshal Stalin.

Thank you for your two informative messages of December 2 and December 3.

[Page 291]

In regard to a proposed Franco-Soviet pact along the lines of the Anglo-Soviet pact of mutual assistance, this Government would have no objection in principle if you and General de Gaulle considered such a pact in the interests of both your countries and European security in general.

I am in complete agreement with your replies to General de Gaulle with regard to the post-war frontier of France. It appears to me at the present time that no advantage to our common war effort would result from an attempt to settle this question now and that its settlement subsequent to the collapse of Germany is preferable.”3

  1. The reply as sent is printed infra.
  2. Supra.
  3. This message was transmitted without change subsequently the same day, and it was quoted in a telegram of Roosevelt to Churchill of even date, printed in Churchill, pp. 258259.