Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

Prime Minister Churchill to President Roosevelt 1

top secret

Prime Minister to President Roosevelt Personal and Top Secret Number 876, yours number 691.2

Thank you for the information and it is interesting to see that the “Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR” has now been brought up into the line.

Stalin has communicated to me your message to him, of which you sent me a copy in your number 691. We have not ourselves communicated with him on this subject since you sent us a copy of your original message to him (number 675)3 but had already made it clear in earlier telegrams, and I in fact mentioned it in parliament, that we continue to recognize the London Poles as the Government of Poland. I have now replied to Stalin as follows:—“Naturally I and my war cabinet colleagues are distressed at the course events are taking. I am quite clear that much the best thing is for us three to meet together and talk all these matters over, not only as isolated problems but in relation to the whole world situation both of the war and the transition to peace. Meanwhile our attitude as you know it remains unchanged. I look forward very much to this momentous meeting and I am glad that the President of the United States has been willing to make this long journey. We have agreed, subject to your concurrence, that the code-name shall be called “ Argonaut ” and I hope you will use that in any messages that may be interchanged by the staffs who will be consulting about the arrangements.”

You may rest assured of our entire support.

  1. Sent by the United States Military Attaché, London, via Army channels.
  2. Supra.
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