860C.01/12–544: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman)1


2828. In view of the apparent impossibility of the present Polish Cabinet to work out any agreement with the Soviet Government regarding the future of Poland (your 4656, December 52), the Department does not contemplate that relations will be more than “correct”. Ambassador Lane is remaining until January but we do not wish to have his remaining here for the present given any political significance.

In any discussions you might have with Soviet officials, you should be guided by the fact that this Government has continued recognition of the Polish Government in London. While it is realized that the Soviet Government can and may accord full recognition to the Lublin Committee, you may, if you feel it would be helpful, indicate that we would not look favorably on such a step by the Soviet Government.

It is possible that the present Polish Government will be unable to make any headway in solving Polish problems and therefore may fall. Mikolajczyk may then be induced to form a new Cabinet composed of persons who fully support his policies, which eventuality might make it possible for us to take a more positive attitude in favor of the Polish Government in London.

  1. Transmitted by Army channels.
  2. Not printed.