811.42793/1286: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Gauss)

494. Reference Department’s Airgram No. [A–] 87, October 2.34 The Department still sees an urgent necessity for such an Agency in this country as described to handle Chinese student affairs in the United States. That Agency, which would be supervisory in an administrative but not political sense, should command ample funds to meet all budgetary and extraordinary financial needs of Chinese students, including those supported by private as well as Government funds. Visas are of course issued on the assumption that students receiving them will not become a public charge, and that they are academically qualified to undertake their projected scholastic work. The same service agency or a similar one should administer the affairs of men sent for practical training. The Department also still considers that it would be advisable for the National Government to allocate for the conduct of educational and training programs a part of the credit allotted by this Government to China. The existence in this country of a competent Chinese Official Service Agency, perhaps attached to the Chinese Embassy, backed by assured funds, would command for the whole educational and training project increased respect and greater confidence in educational, industrial, and official circles in this country.