893.00/15260: Telegram

The Consul at Kunming (Ringwalt) to the Secretary of State

9. Following information obtained in conversation with Commissioner of Peoples Affairs yesterday: Attack on American military convoy near Milo believed perpetrated by remnants of two companies of Central Government recruits which mutinied some time ago while en route from Kweichow to join Ninth Group Army at Wenshan. Magistrates at Milo, Punan, Lusi and Kiupeh have been ordered to pool their militia forces in an effort to round up deserters. Ninth Group headquarters has also been instructed to send a detachment of regular troops to Kiupeh to assist militia. Former Milo magistrate has been dismissed because of delinquency in handling case. Magistrates at Kiupeh, Lunan and Lusi have been replaced. An army officer has been appointed magistrate at Lusi in order to facilitate local military operations.

It is believed authorities are seriously trying to eliminate banditry in Eastern Yunnan.

Sent to Chungking, repeated to Department.