893.544/65a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Gauss)

310. 1. According to a Chinese News Service report from Chungking the Executive Yuan approved on February 15 the revised copyright law which was thereupon referred to the Legislative Yuan for further consideration prior to promulgation. The Department would appreciate any information or comments which the Embassy may have to offer with regard to this report.

2. The Department also desires information concerning revisions that may have been made in the Chinese Company Law promulgated in 1929 and in the Regulations for the Registration of Companies [Page 983]promulgated in 1931. According to the Chinese Tear Book for 1940–1941, a Bill revising the Company Law passed the Legislative Yuan in April 1939. Has this Bill become effective? What is the present schedule of fees for registration? This information is requested as a result of an inquiry received by the Department from the National Foreign Trade Council concerning registration of American firms under Chinese laws and regulations.

3. Please reply by air mail.