The Chinese Ambassador (Wei) to the Secretary of State

The Chinese Ambassador presents his compliments to the Secretary of State and has the honor to inform him that as of July 1, 1944, the China Defense Supplies, Incorporated, an agency of the Chinese Government in charge of lend-lease operations, will be liquidated, and in its place the Chinese Government has appointed a Commission to be known as The Chinese Supply Commission, with the Ambassador acting concurrently as Chairman.

The Chinese Supply Commission, in addition to assuming the functions hitherto performed by the China Defense Supplies, Incorporated, in connection with lend-lease operations, is authorized by the Chinese Government to conduct negotiations in matters relating to reconstruction projects in China.

The Ambassador will be obliged if the Secretary will be so good as to transmit the above information to the interested authorities of the United States Government.25

  1. In acknowledging the Chinese note, the Secretary of State on July 19 informed the Chinese Ambassador that the information was being given to the interested authorities.