761.93/1751: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

499. Director, European Department, Foreign Office, in private conversation last evening with Counselor, said Foreign Office had not received any definite information in regard to reported plane attack on Sinkiang troops and that it was generally considered “border incident” of no far-reaching significance (this refers to our 488, March 19). He also said that while the dissolution of the Comintern was regarded by the Chinese chiefly as a Soviet gesture for foreign consumption, there was no evidence that Soviet Government [Page 763] or Communist Party had since been actively assisting or influencing the Chinese Communists and Soviet Embassy here had not evidenced any interest in them; and that the Communist-Kmt8 situation was in general improving. He confirmed that Linpai-hsu was on his way from Yenan for negotiations.9

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