893.00/15234: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

119. 1. A local Communist representative states Chungking garrison commander January 14 ordered cessation of Communist radio communication with Yenan and had Communist radio apparatus sealed next day (18th Group’s Army Headquarters here had operated radio [in] accordance permission granted all local group Army Headquarters for such operations—Embassy’s despatch No. 1430, August 4, 194326). He also states Chungking has sent 5,000 tons military supplies to borders Communist area during past 2 months and has recently transferred additional troops there and that real danger exists of military action against Communists.

2. Other recent developments include reliably reported Central Government roundup several hundred Communist suspects Sian-Paochi area late December and reported rearrest General Yeh Ting, former commander New Fourth Army, at temporary enforced residence [Page 311] Kweilin and removal to Enshih, Hupeh.27 While foregoing, together with tightening blockade Communist area (fifth sentence Embassy’s 49, January 828), indicates worsening Kuomintang-Communist relations, process appear[s] to be merely continuation deteriorating situation existing since dissolution Comintern and tends confirm Embassy’s belief Kuomintang does not intend solve problem [by] political means. Other internal developments (Embassy’s telegram 34, January 6) would seem to make Chungking attack on Communists less likely at present than at any time since C.E.C. session September, 1943.

  1. Foreign Relations, 1943, China, p. 301.
  2. In a detailed report dated December 30, 1943, the Vice Consul at Kweilin (Service) reported that the Communist commander, Yeh Ting, had been captured in battle south of the Yangtze in 1941, and that he was later allowed to reside with his family on responsibility of high Chinese military officers (893.00/–15253).
  3. Not printed.