740.0011 PW/8–2644: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman )

2044. Donald Nelson and General Patrick Hurley left Washington August 25 by special ATC18 plane en route to Moscow via Alaska and may arrive as early as the 29th. Both have been designated personal [Page 253] representatives of the President to Chiang Kai-shek. Specifically, Nelson is charged with investigating civilian supply situation in China and if time permits he will look into the Chinese economic situation with reference to postwar reconstruction. Edward Locke and James A. Jacobson are accompanying him as special assistants.

General Hurley’s mission is primarily military and he will specifically endeavor to promote better relations between General Stilwell and President Chiang and to facilitate Stilwell’s command of those Chinese armies under his direction. He has been instructed to maintain intimate contact with Ambassador Gauss. He is accompanied by Colonel McNally and Sergeant Smith.

Their trip to Moscow was apparently an afterthought, and the Department has no indication how long the party will remain there. General Hurley stated that he and Nelson hoped to see Molotov and perhaps Stalin and to inform them of the objectives of their mission to Chungking. Will advise you of any further information received.

  1. Air Transport Command (U. S.).