811.003 Wallace, Henry A./41

The Secretary of State to Vice President Wallace

My Dear Mr. Vice President: I have received your letter of March 24, 1944 in which you inquire whether, in the event that you visit China in the late spring or early summer, an officer from the Department [Page 220] could be spared to accompany you, in as much as you feel it would be advantageous to have someone with you who knows the present Chinese scene and official personalities.

In reply I need hardly say that the Department is at all times glad to be of service and assistance to you. I shall bear your desire in mind and if you will let me know when your plans have been definitely formulated, I shall endeavor to arrange to have an officer from the Department accompany you. Should there arise by the time that your plans for departure become definitive circumstances under which there would be no qualified officer available to accompany you from here, I am sure that Ambassador Gauss will find it possible to place at your disposal an experienced officer who is thoroughly conversant with present conditions in China and is acquainted with Chinese officials.

Sincerely yours,

Cordell Hull