701.6454/5: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

2776. Hungarian Minister here, Baron Bakach-Bessenyey, requests transmission following message to Count Semsey, Hungarian Chargé d’Affaires, Buenos Aires, to Laszlo Hertelendy, Counselor of Hungarian Legation, Rio, and also asks that copy be handed John Pelenyi, former Minister Washington.

“The plan for forming a committee of ministers is taking shape. All ministers and heads of missions who have not recognized Sztojay Government will form committee to group reliable Hungarian diplomats, employees and other patriots and to act, as occasion permits, as an informative and advisory organization on matters regarding Hungary for the USA, Great Britain and other Allied powers. Committee [Page 872] will promote organization of military and civil resistance against the German invaders. While committee’s main aim is reestablishment Hungarian independence and sovereignty, based on constitutional democracy, it assumes no standpoint on matters of internal policy and represents no political party.

To ensure unity of procedure Mr. Barcza, Dean of Hungarian Ministers, would undertake coordination of work in Europe and Mr. Pelényi is being asked to assume same task in America. U.S.A. and British Ministers have been informed. You are asked to make known your approval by telegraphing ‘J’accepte’. Bessenyey.”

For Department only: Baron Bessenyey has communicated this message directly by his own cipher facilities to Ministers at Stockholm, Lisbon and Madrid and has received approval from Madrid and Lisbon. No reply from Stockholm yet. He would appreciate Department’s good offices in presenting matter to Pelenyi with an expression of hope of senders of message, namely Bessenyey and Barcza, that he, Pelényi, will accept.

(2) Baron Bessenyey asks message quoted above sent to Ujvary with following addition:

[Here follows personal message to the Hungarian Consul General at Istanbul (Ujvary).]