864.01/482: Telegram

The Minister in Portugal (Norweb) to the Secretary of State

956. For Stockholm 138, March 31, 11 a.m. Following the meeting between the Hungarian Minister and my British colleague, reported in my 922, March 27, 9 p.m., I received Wodianer and had a brief talk with him. The following day he sent me a signed note in which he informed me that he would remain at his post as the representative of the legal government of Hungary and that he would not recognize the present regime which he considered as imposed upon his [Page 860] country by force. He informed me orally that he was sending an identic communication to my British colleague.

He also enclosed a copy of a note addressed to Salazar35 along the same lines which he said he would present “as soon as it appears opportune.”

I informed Wodianer that I was without instructions and was therefore unable to do more than to assure him that his approach and the substance of his communications would be made known to my Government. I did what I could personally however to encourage him in his present stand and to stiffen his back. I also offered to assist him in communicating with his colleagues in other neutral countries. Copies of his communications going forward by pouch tonight.36 Sent to Department. Repeated to Madrid 79; to London 138 for Stockholm.

  1. Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, Portuguese Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Despatch 344, March 31, 1944, not printed.