740.00115 European War 1939/8225: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Harrison)

426. American Interests—Germany. Department has delivered to Swiss Legation Washington a note dated February 8,15 transmitting following lists:

German non-officials to be repatriated within the framework of the existing agreement 687, to which are added 54 German men whose families were repatriated by other means, total 741. Note points out that 139 Germans originally listed have declined repatriation at this time and that 139 other individuals have been substituted therefor. It continues that a list of additional German nationals will be provided in the immediate future to provide replacements for any individuals among above-mentioned 741 who may at the last moment be unable to travel. Note points out that any of these additional persons not so substituted may depart in accordance with provisions of following paragraph.
List of 300 German nationals—250 at Crystal City, 40 at Kenedy and 10 chronically ill who are being offered opportunity to return to Germany in exchange for equivalent number United States nationals and nationals of the other American republics as proposed in Department’s note of February 3,16 Heading II.

Note continues that a list of substitutes to cover last-minute withdrawals from this list is also being drawn up, which substitutes may also depart even if the number of 300 is exceeded. It should be noted that the 300 individuals include a majority of those named by the German Government in its recent communication to this Government as individuals at Crystal City who should be repatriated.

Note concludes that Department expects urgently indication of German willingness to implement proposals under Heading II by undertaking to facilitate travel to Lisbon to take advantage of exceptional transportation facilities offered by exchange of approximately equal number of United States nationals and nationals of the other American republics parties to this separate arrangement.

A separate note15 forwarded to Swiss Legation unchanged lists of German and French officials to be repatriated.

Inform Swiss Foreign Office, expressing hope of Department that arrangements referred to in your 778, February 8,15 will prove sufficiently flexible to cover any large number of individuals whom the Germans may add to the repatriation movement in accordance with Heading II.

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