851.01/3644: Telegram

The Acting American Representative to the French Committee of National Liberation at Algiers (Chapin) to the Secretary of State

1164. This morning General de Vinck, Giraud’s Chief of Staff, took Dana Schmitt of the UP55 to task roundly for having reported that Giraud had resigned and dictated to him a statement that “Giraud denies formally in person report of his resignation and states he will continue as CinC”.56 De Vinck added orally that Giraud would not leave post of CinC unless he were “kicked” out by Committee.

This morning Tixier57 who called on me personally to thank me for obtaining air passage for his wife and himself to proceed to Philadelphia Conference of the ILO,58 stated in response to my question that de Gaulle had informed the FCNL last night he had offered Giraud job of Inspector General of Army a position Tixier admitted which was purely honorific. Tixier stated that the decision to revamp the FCNL and to issue the ordinance of April 4 with regard to the reorganization of national defense and the centralization of powers in de Gaulle was dictated because of the desire to put things in order in ample time before the invasion. He implied further that the decree was admittedly aimed at eliminating Giraud from the functions of CinC whether he resigned or not and stated that there was growing dissatisfaction with Giraud in all ranks because of his antiquated ideas on military operation and administration. He baldly stated that while Giraud was a magnificent brigadier of 1917 vintage, his military ideas had not grown one iota since then. In response to a direct question he said that de Gaulle had informed the Committee that Giraud had said “neither yes nor no” to his proposal but that de Gaulle would see him again upon his return from Morocco late tomorrow evening.

The development reported by Schmitt would seem to indicate that Giraud has left the next move in his case up to the FCNL and that he is still free either to resign or to accept the position of Inspector General.

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