740.00119 E.W./9–1044: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman ) to the Secretary of State

3414. ReDeptel 2150, September 7, 1 p.m.85 I am sure that the Department is giving consideration to the precedent which would be established if the Soviet Government’s proposal were effectuated to [Page 620] take the Petsamo area including all properties of foreigners without compensation and leaving the foreign interests to obtain, if they are able, compensation from Finland. The British Government is objecting to this proposal and it might be that if the British are unable to move the Soviets from their position, we would consider it advisable to state our viewpoint. I suggest therefore, that this eventuality be given consideration in order to be in a position to act quickly if need be.

I believe also that the Department should give consideration to the general position in which we will find ourselves in regard to the Finnish armistice and preliminary peace when finally concluded if they include any terms which are not in accord with our basic principles. The question is how far it will be interpreted that we have acquiesced if we make no comment or reservation before the documents are signed. With the exception of the above point, I have no other to raise at this time. I have not had the opportunity to give full study to the terms and all of their implications.

Sent to Department as 3414. Repeated to London as 167.

  1. Not printed.