747.47H/3: Telegram

The Minister in Australia ( Johnson ) to the Secretary of State

232. On December 27 Evatt1 announced that conversations would be held at Canberra in January between Australia and New Zealand to discuss common interests and problems and their future policies in relation to both Southwest and South Pacific regions.

In making this announcement Evatt expressed the hope that after the conference it would be possible to hold a wider conference in Australia consisting of accredited representatives of all powers with territorial interests in the Southwest Pacific. He has in mind specifically the Dutch, Portuguese, United Kingdom and French Governments. In this connection please see my despatch No. 628, December l,2 pages 9 through 14 commenting on a statement by Evatt in the House of Representatives on international affairs.

  1. H. V. Evatt, Australian Minister for External Affairs.
  2. Not printed.