800.6176/9–2044: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

7776. For Haley, Commodities Division,45 from Bliss. Embassy has received notification from the Foreign Office that they wish the following amendments inserted in terms of reference and procedure set forth in Department’s cable No. 6712 of August 23.45a

At the end of paragraph 1 after “rubber” add the words “crude, synthetic and reclaimed”.
In paragraph 4, substitute the word “participating” in place of “three”; the phrase then will read as follows: “to function during such period as in the opinion of each of the participating Governments”.

In addition, as the Foreign Office suggests, you may feel it worth putting the following minor drafting amendment to Washington: In the final paragraph for the words “tentative program” write “first program”. A tentative program can hardly be described as being “under way”.

The Embassy has also been notified by the Foreign Office that these amendments have been cleared with the Dutch and they are agreeable to press release being made as suggested in Department’s cable No. 6712 at 00:30 hours Saturday, September 23. Please cable reactions so Foreign Office can be notified soonest. [Bliss.]

  1. Mr. Haley had been appointed Director of the Office of Economic Affairs on September 11, 1944.
  2. These amendments were actually intended for the press release, also suggested in telegram 6712, supra.