800.6176/516: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant ) to the Secretary of State

4865. Department’s stand in favor dual rubber committees when Lockwood returned Washington February outlined paragraph 5 Department’s instruction 3595, January 10. First paragraph Department’s telegram 4780, June 16, midnight, is erroneous as Lockwood pressed strongly in London and Washington for single international committee and proposed international committee, with dual secretariats and alternating London/Washington meetings to meet Department’s desire for dual committees and English-Dutch anxiety for single committee.

Subsequent discussions Washington and here indicate it might be advisable to delay formation single international committee with wide country representation, pending further informal policy discussions with manufacturers in United States of America and with British and Dutch. Colonial Office still prefers single international committee of wide scope. Ministries of Supply and Production consider broad membership such a committee now premature. If Department with industry support presses strongly for single international committee British and Dutch will undoubtedly agree. Telegram 4647 suggested possible alternative if this desirable course should not prove feasible at this time.